Wednesday, March 19, 2008

{Is this all worth it?}

So it's 1:00 in the morning, kids & hubby are fast asleep, but I can't seem to catch a wink. I just participated in my 4th boutique yesterday & my mind is just racing with questions & solutions & "what if's" & hope & doubt. Basically, I'm just wondering to myself..."is this all worth it"? I mean, do I spend an entire week planning & shopping & designing & neglecting & working for a boutique that was - "uuh"? Maybe I have too high of expectations, but no...not really. It's not like I expect to totally sell out, but to make somewhat of a profit would be nice. To just break even doesn't really cut it. So again, is this all worth it, do I cut my losses now as far as boutiques are concerned & just stick with the online stuff? Or, do I try, try again? The latter has been my attitude thus far, but I just don't know anymore. Despite what this might sound like, I'm actually not THAT discouraged about the situation. This boutique was my 2nd personal best. I didn't come home crying from it, unlike some of the others. I think they're great fun! I love the buzz that goes on & meeting new people. I just don't find them being that rewarding. I'm simply just debating if it is something I should continue spending my time, energy & money on. What do you think?