Friday, November 13, 2009

{photo by emilie contest}

Photo By Emilie is holding a photo contest & I have been asked to be a guest judge!

But guess what? So have you! From today until next Friday you can go to her photography blog & you can vote too! So be sure to check out her site & vote for your favorite image. The images where taken by participants of her recent workshops. I was able to attend one this summer & let me tell you ... fab-u-lous! Not only does she fill your head with tons of beneficial photo tips, but you also get this cute mini-book filled with inspiration & all the notes from the workshop for future reference. She also goes over how to photoshop your images to get them spiffed-up & looking professional. And it's all SO easy! Anyway - you really don't want to miss your chance at attending this workshop. It is truly worth it! {Plus, she's just so fun!} :)

Okay, so for fun I thought I'd share one of my favorite photos that I took of one of my girls after taking the workshop...

I know - cute huh? And I did it all by myself (well, with the help of Emilie's workshop, of course)!

So, be sure to check out Photo By Emilie Workshops, where can learn lots of tips & tricks for taking stunning photos. {What a great Holiday gift idea.}

One last VERY exciting thing to stay tuned for... I have designed some special "photo by emilie" vinyl photo frames {that are to die for}! See them in the coming week!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

{seriously good giveaway}

Have I told you how much I LOVE giveaway today? They seriously give something away everyday! And today - it's studio jk vinyl! Yea! So head over, enter yourself (up to 4 entries) & tell all your friends about this awesome site (so they can enter too)! I mean they give seriously good stuff away - dvd's, clothes, bed&breakfast stays, hair accessories, jewlery & tons more!

The sjk giveaway is for today only!! Go to ... to enter! And share the love, my freinds (tweet, facebook & blog your little hearts out) - it will bring good karma back to you! ;)

Thanks & have a good day!
jamie kay

Friday, August 21, 2009

{prettiest garbage EV-ER}

So I've been working on several big projects (that will be announced soon) lately. And as I was wrapping things up on one of them for the day my 9-year old came bouncing into the studio from school. She walked right over to the garbage & said, "Can I have this mom? It looks like a Christmas tree". I looked over to see this....

Now isn't that just the prettiest garbage you ever did see? I wish all my garbage looked like this. We took a quick pic of it & she was off with it! Who knows what creative play she's planning to use it for, but I was happy to provide her hours of fun with my garbage. :) Just thought I'd share!

{{so i bet you're surprised I blogged twice in one week! I know, huh? You're proud of me. - - It's all that quiet time. Both my girls are gone & I come down to blog. I don't know what else to do with myself.}}

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

{it's been a while}

Wow...has it really been since April? I'm horrible! Well, didn't know if you knew but I started a facebook page. I'm totally lovin' facebook. I have to admit I do much more there than I do here. So, if you'd like to become a fan - click the button to your right and join me on facebook! Yea!

So what have I been up to the last 4 months? Well, there are several new designs in studio jk vinyl & as always there are more to come. Of course summer with the kids home takes a toll on things. But my girls are both back in school (gotta love the year-round) & I have a few hours to myself a few times a week now. Kinda wierd - it's too quiet. But I'm sure I'll adjust.

I've also been organizing the studio. It's coming together quite nicely. I have to stay organized or things get too crazy! studio jk vinyl has been growing quickly & they say that one of the best times to become dis-organized (with a business) is when your company is growing. So I've been trying to stay on-top of that. I've re-arranged my studio 3 times now - but I think I finally got it this last time! (I'm sure my husband just loves the organizer in me - poor guy)

Speaking of my hubby - he has been quite busy getting our new website look up & running. I never realized how time consuming it was to start all over or I might have re-considered this project. But it's turned out fab-u-lous! The new site has so many more functions - it's going to be so great! Go have a sneak peek - not all the products are listed yet, but seriously - it is nice!

I aslo designed the a logo for "See Jane Shoot" - that was fun. I think I might do more of this kind of thing. I really enjoyed it. Poor Jane though, she had to wait FOR-ever to get it. Hopefully it was worth the wait! (ha, ha... I make myself laugh. If I can find more time I'll do more of this)

Also been getting ready to bulk up on inventory for oh sweet sadie next month - hope to see you there!

And I have a secret collaboration project in the works!

So there you have it - the last 4 months in a nut-shell. Hope you are all doing well. Drop me a note sometime.

Oh! I'm getting ready to send out my first newsletter to announce the launching of our new website. So if you'd like to sign up - that's where I will announce exclusive discounts from now on - go to my shop & put your email address in the bottom left-hand corner. Or email it to me:

Have a happy day!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

{give away today!!}

Just letting you know of another give away I'm hosting today. Go to to enter! There are 3 ways to enter - and there's a special discount offered this weekend too! So go get the code & check out the new studio jk vinyl website! Let me know what you think!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hosting a give away on Today through May 1st! Go enter to win!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{what I've been up to...}

I got a little "nudge" today wondering where I've been. So here's a quick update...

I have been a busy little designing bee! Here are 8 new designs recently added to the exclusive studio jk vinyl collection.

I also have about 6 more that are about to be launched and about 30 more in my head....I wish I had time for! Slow & steady though...slow and steady.

I also designed some new business cards - that was fun! I wish you could see/feel them (I'm having problems with uploading the image). They're glossy & slick & the corners are rounded & well, they're just nice. I'm liking how the branding of studio jk vinyl is turning out.
And I've also been very busy getting a new website up. Yup - studio jk vinyl will not just be sold on etsy & artfire anymore. I will have my very own place in that's just mine. It's very gratifying to do things on your own. Don't 'cha think? I mean, I LOVE etsy & I LOVE artfire, but there's just something deep within me that feels a sense of pride when I do something all by myself. Well okay, not TOTALLY by myself...I mean, my hubby has been helping a lot....okay, okay he's doing it all. Gosh. But still...he's on my team, that counts right? :) Anyway, in a way I think it relates to being self-reliant. And it just makes me happy! The website is not completely ready for you to check out yet....but it's getting there. I'll leave you a note when you can visit it - & there'll probably be IDK, some grand opening sale or something. So stay posted.
Have a great day! Nice chattin' with ya!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

{give away alert!}

My friend Emily is having a great give away on her through Thursday March 5th! She's got some beautiful items. This is my favorite...

Is that not adorable. {it totally helps that it's green too!} Anyhow - that's just one of many! Head on over to : . You won't regret it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

{$35 gift certificate winner}

Thank you all for entering. I think I like giving you 3 ways to enter....did you like it? It was the first time doing it that way...& I think I'll keep doing that.

Now, for today's winner... # 52! {I was really hoping for a high or low number so I wouldn't have to count & re-count so many...thank you random generator for hearing my thoughts} Yea Leigh! You're the winner of the much wanted $35 gift certificate! This is the first time I've done a gift certificate to my shop on my own blog {alot of firsts today}. I do a lot of give aways elsewhere for them {which I'll let you know about here as well from now on... I know, so many bonus' to being a follower :)}, but not usually here. I don't know why....hmmmm? Anyway {don't 'cha love it when I think outloud} Leigh, send me an email with what you'd like to spend your "mooo-la" on ... Can't wait to see what you choose.

Friday, February 13, 2009

{vinylicious give away - $35 gift certificate! GIVE AWAY CLOSED}

I hope you all have a wonderful, whether you're going all out or having a nice & simple time with those you love. Mine will be the latter this year. You'd think with it being on a Saturday & all that that would be ideal...but it's really not when you have kids. It makes me feel bad leaving them all day, because after all - it's valentines for them too & what does that say to them? IDK, usually I'm all for getting a babysitter & having alone time with my hubby, but for some reason this year I want us to spend it as a family. Plus I got these awesome necklaces from firefly photo jewlery for my girls! I want to see them in them {& the new outfits they got} all day! I have to show you how dang cute these necklaces are... {i don't know what I'll do when my girls can blog...I won't get to tell my secrets)

I know! You want one now huh? I had her put their names on them with a little cute heart after. I got them yesterday & just LOVE them! I know my girls will too {maybe I'll take pics for ya}! So along with the love theme this weekend, I wanted to show my love & appreciation to you all! I so appreciate your kind words, support & loyalty to studio jk vinyl. Thank you for spreadin' the love on to your friends & family with the button on your blogs. It's still a rush to me when I see come across them. Please know that I am truely grateful for all of you & love reading your comments!

Anyhoo {enough of the sappiness}....I'm having a vinylicious give away today for a $35 gift certificate to my shop! Nothin' better than getting to choose what you'd like! Yea choices! So here's how it'll work... because I love you all so much, I'm giving you 3 ways to enter:

For the first entry leave your first and last name in a comment.
Example: Jamie Kay

For a second entry visit studio jk vinyl. Covet-i mean look at everything, then come back here & in a NEW comment tell us your first and last name and the name of the items you'd spend your gift certficate on.
Example: Jamie Kay: small dandelion wishes

For a third entry become a follower of this blog. You can do this either by clicking the "follow this blog" button {on the left sidebar}, or you can go into your "dashboard" on your blog & add to your reading list {i like this one best}. Then come back here & in a NEW comment tell me your first & last name and that you're a follower.
Example: Jamie Kay: follower
{If you are already following this blog...great! You don't have any "work" to do. Just get the entry in!}

The winner of the $35 gift certificate will be announced Tuesday. So be sure to check back to see if you are a winner! Thanks - have a "love"-a-ly weekend {:) I live with a very sarcastic hubby...I guess it rubs off on me!}

{wheeewwww...that was a long post for me}

Thursday, February 5, 2009

{secret give away...TODAY ONLY!}

You're gonna want to bookmark this site... for future reference It is an awesome blog that does give aways almost every day! Studio jk vinyl is hosting a give away there today... so go leave a comment to get yourself in the drawing!

Have a good one!

Monday, January 26, 2009

{secret give away...shhh}

Just thought I'd tell you of a great site that does give's called "i-lash girls" !

"The iLashGirls community is for real women. Be inspired. Be renewed. Be encouraged.It's a place you can visit every day and know that we get you. It's a place where you can make friends, share ideas and find resources that you will love and share with all the women in your life. Put Leigh Anne and Sherra together (LA+SH=LASH) and you have the founders of iLashGirls."

It's really a great site & studio jk vinyl is hosting a give away there right now! So head on over to enter!

Happy Monday! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

{conversation hearts winner}

We have a winner! Lucky #9 was generated this congratulations Suzanne! Send me an email ( with your address - your hearts are ready to go!

Thank you all for entering - come back again soon... you never know when I'll do another give away!

Friday, January 16, 2009

{vinylicious give away! - Conversation hearts}

Who's up for a give away?! Well then, you're in for a real treat {no pun intended}. Today I have for you studio jk vinyl's conversation hearts! A set of 6 different hearts* that we all know & love! What would Valentine's be without these things? {plus, it's really the only time you're allowed to play with your 'food'} So have unique decor this season & get some conversation hearts! Put them all in one place or put them on a mirror, here a wall there. Either way, it will leave your family & visitors smiling after they see them.

So, one lucky studio jk vinyl reader is going to win's what you need to do!

- Leave me a comment
- Put up the studio jk vinyl button {to your upper right} on your blog/website
- Check back Tuesday {because of the holiday} to see if you won!**

That's it! I know, easy huh? AND - if you'd like an extra entry to boost your chances to win become a "follower" of studio jk vinyl the blog, then leave another comment telling me you're a follower. Easy peasy!

K, hope to see lots of you enter! Have a good weekend & I'll talk to you Tuesday!

* each heart comes seperately. pink scallop background used for display purposes only*

**I've had a few people ask if they have a private blog, can they still enter? The answer to that is YES! In that situation it's on your honor & I'll trust that you have the studio jk vinyl button up. Just leave your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you win.**

Monday, January 5, 2009

{new year, new look!}

Surprise! Happy new year! How do you like the new look? I know, I's stylin' huh? It was on my list for quite sometime to get the blog looking up to par. So it kinda worked out that it got done for Christmas. What a nice Christmas gift. But I wanted to keep it a secret until I could do a proper 'un-veiling' of the new look {so, sorry if you checked & the blog was private for awhile}. So here it is... da, da, da daaaaa!

Anyway, I'm so excited about it - it turned out just perfect, didn't it? I'd like to claim it as my own blog design { does look just like something I'd do}, but ya know what? - it's SO much easier to have someone who specializes in doing this, do it for ya! That way you can do what you do best, instead of figuring all the coding & uploading out {what a pain}! So do you want to meet her? Oh, you know you are dying to check out her portfolio.....her name is Hannah of Craner Design Studio. She was ab-fab! It was such a seamless process working with her & her prices are great! Stop by her shop & get your wheels turnin' to get your new look for the new year! It's funny how exciting it is to have a blog make-over - you really should try it!

So it's back to business as usual around here. We got a good holiday break with my family up in Oregon. It was nice. I hope you got to spend some good time with your families too & that you're rested & rejuvenated ready to go back to your everyday life!

Just a couple updates on the biz...

- Be sure to check out studio jk vinyl - there's a month long sale going on right now that you won't want to miss out on. Especially if you have new year goals to "get organized"!

- I've got a lot of fun new designs in the works, that of course will be given away for 'vinylicious friday' first. So if you havn't already signed up to "RSS" or "follow" this blog {in your dashboard on your own blog}, do so now. I've decided to be a bit more spontanious with the give away's - so you'll want to sign up to be notified when they're happening.

I think that's it for now - next up....the first 2009 - vinylicious give away! Talk to you then!