Friday, October 31, 2008

{vinylicious friday give away - playful family birds}

Great news here - I have a few new designs! It's been a great week because I've had time to design! Yea! Being busy is good, but sometimes it's nice to have things slow down so I can have time to do the thing I love to do - which is designing new decals. So - here's one of the latest & greatest.... Playful Family Birds available now at studio jk vinyl ....whatta-ya think?

I just loved creating them - I hope you love 'em! If you do & would like a chance to win them here, just leave me a comment {please just enter once}, put the studio jk vinyl button up on your blog or website & check back sometime Monday to see who gets them here for FREE!

Oh & Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all have fun with your families today! Be safe!

Monday, October 27, 2008

{chalkboard vinyl winner!}

You guys are all too funny! I loved learning I'm not the only one with a quirky "must have" everyday! Thanks so much for sharing!

Okay...the random # generator chose lucky #....20! Congratulations Kristin! Good thing the comment didn't work from before, because you are now the winner! That studio jk vinyl chalkboard is ALL yours! {and just so ya'll know...i didn't count double comments as entries, so don't worry about some getting double the chance ;) - I'm all about makin' it fair!} Kristin, e-mail me your address so I can get your prize sent off to you -

And the rest of you have a great week, & I'll talk to you again on Friday! Hugs!

Friday, October 24, 2008

{vinylicious friday - is back!}

Okay, here it is - the most fan-tab-u-lastic new item studio jk vinyl offers...{are you ready? because you're just going to LOVE this, seriously} introducing - CHALKBOARD VINYL!!!

I know, I know - you just have to have some, don'tcha? And really, there is SO much you can do with it.. you can, of course, put it right on your walls, cut it into squares/circles for labels on containers, cover a clipboard for a portable activity for your kids {or use for quiet time in church}...the possibilities are endless. And it comes clean with baby wipes, cuz you've always got those on hand - or at least I do...I love 'em! Target just clearanced these big multi-packs, so I bought 3 but I think I'm going back for more cuz it's been eating me up that I didn't get more! Really, I have baby wipes on all 3 levels of our home, in my car & in my purse at all times. They're just one of those things that Jamie cannot live without! {Anyway - just a tidbit more about the girl behind studio jk vinyl. Hey, @ least you know I like things clean...but that could be an entire new post, so I won't go there! :) }

So! This weeks winner will recieve 3 - 14"x14" blocks {chalk included} of my chalkboard vinyl! Yea! What do you need to do? Well, make sure you've got the studio jk vinyl button up on your blog or website & then leave me a comment about what YOU cannot live without! How many of you out there are crazy about baby wipes too? or maybe you absolutally have to straighen your hair with your CHI straightener everyday {uhemm, my sister}.... so tell me what you couldn't go a day without! AND PLEASE...I know we all love our families, but get more creative than that! I want to know shallow products here! So let's have fun with this & get to know each other better!

Friday, October 17, 2008

{thank you all!}

You guys are so awesome & understanding - I just love ya! here's our 50% off winner chosen by the handy-dandy number generator.....#23! Congratulations Jodi Pilling! Please email me when your ready to order: And thank you all for your nice comments. I've fogotten how addicting comments can be.

K, so I have to tell you I've been working on this awesome post, but it's not quite ready yet. So check back soon - you won't be sorry! {{And I won't leave you hangin'!}}

Ta, ta for now - jamie

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

{up & runnin'...again!}

{dont'cha just love this girl? I totally dislike running, but she makes me feel like runnin' esp. at the beach!}

Okay - so I've been down & out after 2 weekends of boutiques, super saturday's & catalog parties, but I am back! So what happened? Let me tell ya... I thought I was super-mom-prenuer, but I SO wasn't! I learned pretty quickly that I definately have limits & unfortunatley, this blog got the short end of the stick. Sorry. I guess that's part of the learning curve in running your own business: sometimes you just can't do it all! So as a result of my 'careless & reckless' {yes, we watch a lot of little mermaid around here} behavior, I've learned I need to make things a little more realistic. I will still be hosting give-aways on vinylicious friday's - don't you worry your pretty little head, I'm not letting that go! The give-away, just might not always be a new design, that's all. Sound good?

Okay, so now I need to know how many of you out there are still there?! And do you still love studio jk vinyl? If so, leave me a comment & I'll choose one winner Friday to recieve a 'coupon' for 50% off 1 studio jk vinyl item!