Monday, November 24, 2008

{merry christmas tree winner}

Just got back from seeing 'twilight' - so good! It's late, but I didn't forget 'cha!

So who are our fortunate commenters? Well, lucky comment #'s 12 & 17! Yeah! - you both are winners of studio jk vinyl's 'merry christmas tree'! Congrats "Lynn" & "himee"! Send me an email & I'll get your prize off to you...

I hope you all have a very good time with friends & family this Thanksgiving weekend - {even better, I hope you get awesome deals on black friday! I'll be rushin' the door with ya! :)}

Friday, November 21, 2008

{vinylicious give-away - Merry christmas tree!}

Okay...are you ready for this? It's another double whammy give-away! Yea you! So one of studio jk vinyl's newest decals for the christmas '08 season is this festive 'merry christmas tree'! There are 2 fonts to choose from depending on your style: script or print.

{the model in the pic reminds me of my little sis} Alright, so if you'd like to win one of these trees to "deck your halls", leave me a comment, put up the studio jk vinyl button (available to your upper right) on your blog/website & check back here Monday to see if you won! I'll be randomly choosing 2 winners again {for all you faithfuls who come back every week}! Thank you.

I've had a few people ask in the last little while if they have a private blog, can they still enter? The answer to that is YES! In that situation it's on your honor & I'll trust that you have the studio jk vinyl button up. Just leave your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you win.

AND - we're at week #2 for Oh Sweet Sadie! Up in Boutiful this time. So all you northern Utah girls, come on over to see us...bring your kids if you need to. There's a kids playroom downstairs so you can shop! Click here for a map.

Monday, November 17, 2008

{winner - Noel & Joy}

Okay, the Random Number generator chose #2 for our first winner - Congratulations Brandy! Our second winner was a bit harder to find {no studio jk vinyl buttons were up}. But we finally found one....#21, Jinii you are our next winner! Send me an email girls to have your decals sent to you -

Thank you all again for participating! Come back every friday for more free decals from studio jk vinyl!

Friday, November 14, 2008

{vinylicious give-away - Noel & Joy}

The holidays are fast you have fresh decor? studio jk vinyl can help! Today's give away are two of the newest designs for the holidays studio jk vinyl offers - "Noel" & "Joy". They are inexpensive & are a quick easy way to spruce up an entry, your workspace, a door or mirror - or for that matter...stick it on your car to show your holiday spirit!

I'm getting in the giving mood, so I'm going to double your chances to win. I will announce 2 winners Monday who will each recieve both the Noel & the Joy decals. Nice. One for you, one to give away....or - both for you {he, he}! So what do you need to do? First off, make sure you have the studio jk vinyl button up on your blog or website {get it here from your upper right}, & secondly, leave me a comment! {please just enter once}

For you local Utah girls - we are at it again! Oh Sweet Sadie is here & this time it's for 3 weekends. So you really don't have an excuse not to come. Seriously though, you really don't want to miss out on all this great talent & creativity! Come stop by if you can!

Have a good one!

Monday, November 10, 2008

{birds on a wire winner}

I'll be short & sweet today with our winner....busy, busy week!

We had a small few of you this week that's good news for you, to get better odds of winning! Our random number generator chose lucky #8! Congratulaions Taylor! You qualified perfectly - thank you for that! Just send me a quick email with your address & off they'll go ...

Okay....this week is going to be great! I've got all my Christmas designs up & ready for ya...which one will be the first for the give-away? Come back Friday to see!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

{vinylicious friday - birds on a wire}

If you've visited my shop lately you'll notice I've been bulking up on my bird designs. Yea birds! I just love 'em, don't you? They seem so happy & content - ya know? And, they are just poppin' up everywhere...on clothes, in pic's, advertising, in scrapbooking stuff - pretty much anywhere with a design aspect. Anyway, I'm so glad to have had time to finally get some done - they've been on my list for quite sometime now. So today's design is studio jk vinyl's "birds on a wire" {in black}. They are realistic silhouettes of sparrows hangin' out on a telephone wire. Omgsh, speaking of birds, did any of you see that guy on Jay Leno last night who did bird impressions? {...he was pretty funny, huh?} See, what'd I tell ya...birds are even so popular Jay Leno's gotta plug 'em.

If you'd like to win these for you or someone you know {yup, it's that time of year already}, leave a comment telling me what you think about birds. Are you are just plain sick of them or are they still "in" in your book? Please be sure to put up the studio jk vinyl button {in the upper-right-hand corner} I don't want people to miss out, like last week. Check back Monday to see who the lucky winner is! {Oh, and please just leave one comment, thanks}

Just as an FYI - I've also been stocking up on Christmas designs {...they are forthcoming for the give away's! Just you wait!}

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

{vinylicious - playful family birds winner}

Went & voted this 'bout you? I was thinking what an amazing process voting is as a stood there for an HOUR & A HALF! I had just a 'little' time to reflect on things...well inbetween the races down the hallway with the little boy behind us anyway {not me, my 3 year old - that'd be funny if it was me though, lol :) }. Anyway I was thinking how many other voter locations there were all over the SL valley, then Utah, and over the entire U.S. for that matter - that people were coming to today. And that all that data would be processed & we will get results TODAY! That's amazing to me.

Anyway, just one of my random thoughts.

SO - you're here to find out the winner of those cute birds huh? Okay...I have to be honest with you...I kinda had a hard time getting a winner this time. Why? well, because I use my little random number generator {RNG} thing & the first 6 winners didn't have the studio jk vinyl button up on their blog....doaht! Sorry ladies. At this point I was really tempted to just give them to Blair, because she had so many supporters pullin' for her. But I had to be honest about it & stick to the studio jk vinyl "policy" of using the RNG. So I tried again & finally did find get a winner on try #7 - lucky number 40! Nice job em! You're the winner of the playful family birds from studio jk vinyl. Email me with your address & color choice...

Thank you all for coming back or just finding me! I still have new designs to give away, so come back this weekend to enter! {oh & sorry for the late post}

Happy Voting everyone!