Monday, September 22, 2008

{Vinylicious winner!}

This week's lucky winner is #32 - Congratulations ashcraft8 {I believe her name is Tiffany}! You're the winner of studio jk vinyl's newest creation! Good job {on your timing I guess - since it's a random selector}! So, she had the button up & I'll admit, I stayed & looked around her blog for awhile because "if I had a million dollars" was playing. {I love that song - it's so happy}

Anyway, this weekend - I'm again @ the Oh Sweet Sadie Boutique. This time it is almost next door to me - it's in Daybreak! Yea! If you are able to attend, please do! It is so fun...there's even a children's playroom you can drop your kids off at while you shop! So don't tell me you can't have no excuse now. Nope...not even listening....I'll see you there!

Oh, A-N-D...{how could I forget}! I've just launched a new product at Oh Sweet Sadie this last weekend. And can I just tell you it is AWESOME!! So this Friday you'll be given the chance to win it here! So be sure to come back! {Seriously, it's awesome!}

Thank you all for participating! {Tiffany - email me with your address so I can send your prize...}

Friday, September 19, 2008

{vinylicious give-away: eat, drink & be scary!}

Are you ready for Halloween? My daughter & I were in Target this week, looking at all the costumes (cuz the good one's go fast), & it made me realize I need more Halloween themed vinyl decals. This spooky haunted house will do the trick (no pun intended), right?! It is the give-away item of the week, but if you'd just like to get it now, feel free to visit studio jk vinyl's shop.

For those of you who are new & are wondering how you can enter to win, here's the scoop!

- put the studio jk vinyl button up on your blog or website (to your right)

- leave a comment to this post of what you or your kids are going to be for halloween (please only leave one comment, to be entered once)

That's it! I announce the winner Monday morning, so check back then to see if you're the winner! Good Luck to all!

Monday, September 15, 2008

{Mr. Spider - winner!}

Who wants to know the winner of cute Mr. Spider....I know I do! Okay here it is...

Lucky #13! Who says #13 isn't lucky...and actually, it's kinda funny 13 got chosen this month, because it that was my DH's birthday! So congratulations Amber! I have to admit, I got a little nervous when I went to check her blog to see if she put the studio jk vinyl button up (because I'm too nice & don't like confontation, so I don't know what I would do if someone didn't)...but she did! Nice job Amber - thanks for savin' me there ;)!

Oh, but wait....I just remembered something! I almost forgot that there's suppose to be TWO lucky winners this week! Okay, let us see who it is... hopefully, this person put the button up {{crossing my fingers}}!

Oh good! She did! Nice! (I love exclamation points...can you tell?) Congratulations Brittany, you are also a winner of studio jk vinyl's Mr. Spider! I decided to change his name on my website though. What do you think of "along came a spider"? Is it too creepy, because of the movie, or do you think I could use it?

Anyway, lucky winners Amber & Brittany - email me your mailing address so I can get your cute prize out to you...

This weekend I have a lot going with a huge boutique I'm participating in! If any of you Utah girls want to come - it's AWESOME! It's called Oh Sweet Sadie!, & we pack a model home full of 80+ vendors goods for 2 weekends! It is so fun! K, seriously's sensory overload. I mean, the cutest, of the cutest stuff! Basically, just a bunch of eye candy! Come by & say hi if you can! I'll be poppin' in & out throughout the weekend. You can go here for the details. Anyhoo, back to the I may be posting this week's vinylicious give-away early! So a quick way to know if I did, would be to "subscribe" to the studio jk vinyl blog! That way you won't miss out on any give-away's. (My DH thinks I need to change it up a bit...I'm being too predictable. ??IDK?? we'll see)

Friday, September 12, 2008

{vinylicious give-away: Mr. Spider - eek!}

I had so much fun creating this little guy! He's the newest & only halloween decal (thus far) with studio jk vinyl! He measures: 5"wide x 17"tall. He would be perfect to hang from the top of a mirror, underneath a shelf or from the crease where your ceiling & wall meets. He'd also be perfect to put on one of those long side windows next to your front door to greet your visitors!

So if you'd like a chance to win Mr. Spider, leave a comment of where you'd put him, & put up the studio jk button (to your right). Be sure to check back Monday ....because - there will be TWO winners! (Please just enter once.)

Thanks for coming by!

Monday, September 8, 2008

{tangeled pumpkins winner!}

Our lucky winner for the tangled pumpkins is....

Lucky #20! Congratulations Ashley - you are the proud new owner of studio jk vinyl's 'tangled pumpkins'! I always feel like I'm doing the price is right when I say it like that - I hope you read it that way :) - it makes it more fun.

And I just have to tell you that she qualifies perfectly, because she put the studio jk vinyl button up on her blog. Thank you for that! If I remember right, she was the one who suggested it in the first place - good thing she follows her own advice. Shoot me an email Ashley, so I can get your prize shipped to you...

Thank you all for participating and don't forget to come back this friday, for another great vinylicious give-away!

Friday, September 5, 2008

{vinylicious give away - tangled pumpkins}

The over-whelming vote a few weeks ago, was for pumpkins. Not the jack-o-lantern type, but rows of, or stacked pumpkins. So this is what I came up with. I hope you like it...

They are my "tangled pumpkins"! Kind of a new approach to fall decor. Not so cute-sy, a bit fancy & classy. I think these would look great "sitting" on a shelf, or you could put them on a painted plaque so you could use them year after year. Or on a big mirror in your entry - ooooh, I like that one.

So one lucky studio jk vinyl commenter is going to win these beautiful babies! And you get the choice of either "tangerine" orange, or "rust" orange. So, if you'd like to win, leave a comment, put up the studio jk vinyl button to your top right on your blog/website & come back Monday morning to see who won (please just enter once).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

{girl owl winner!}

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend, I sure did (it was a much needed break)! Have you been ready & waiting for this weeks winner? Alrighty then, let's get to it...

This week's lucky number is #8! Congratulations Katie! You are the winner of the vinylicious design of the week from studio jk vinyl - the girl owl! She's all cut out & ready to go, so email me to set up shipment of your prize:

I hope you all come back this friday for a new design I've been working on. It has something to do with all the ideas you gave me a few weeks ago, so if your curious - check back friday!

Thank you all for spreading the word about studio jk vinyl by placing buttons up on your blogs! I get all excited, like a little girl, when I see them! So thank you!