Saturday, June 21, 2008

{Organize Your Life - Labeling}

I've decided to start giving some organizing tips every now & then. I'm not necessarily going to go in order of the entire organizing process, but I'll bounce around to all elements of getting your life organized!

Today's topic will be labeling. So a few months ago my SIL Aimee, moved into a new house with this awesome corner pantry! Which I'm a little bitter about...I have THE tinyist pantry ever *sigh* someday though! After I got over it, she decided she wanted some help organizing it. She said her husband & kids went grocery shopping one weekend for her. They came home to put it all away...but didn't know where to put it all. So as to not "mess-up" her system, they put away the fridge/freezer things & left the rest for her to do later. Sound familiar? So we got to work & this is how it turned out!

With a little faith, trust & pixie dust, or vinyl labels ;) it was complete! So as an organizing consultant I can't leave without saying: LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!! It is the essential step in the organizing process! Labeling helps ensure your organizing attempts last longer! Who wouldn't want that after all the work you did to get it that way? Not to mention, it ties the whole project together with a unified look. Now her kids (& hubby) know where to put things away after grocery shopping! That's what I love about organizing is that it helps them, help you!

So the labels in Aim's pantry were custom labels, which I can do for you too. However, I do have some pret-ty nifty lables in my shop right now. There are 3 different sets that are also customizable....

The first set is my kitchen labels that come in a set of 6 different labels. You choose what you'd like each one to be!

The second set is my simple storage labels that also come in a set of 6 you choose. These are big labels you can use with big containers, so you can easily see them when trying to locate something!

And finally, the most popular kids labels set of 6 you choose! These were designed specifically for kids 5 & under! Since most of them don't read yet, the pictures give them familiarity so they know where to get things or where to put things away.

So there you have it! Lables to help your organizing attempts last longer!