Wednesday, July 30, 2008

{What a day!}

Wow! The response from the give-a-way on tip junkie was such a rush! It' felt like my birthday all day long. Ya know, I love being a 'mom-prenuer', but sometimes (just sometimes) working so hard by yourself on building a small biz from the ground up has it's days. I mean, you don't have a 'boss' to turn things in to, you don't get annual reviews, you don't have co-workers to collaborate on projects's just you! So to have a day like this where you get 179 comments/compliments is SO flattering (& needed)! It makes it all worth it! I just need to save all of them & read them when I'm having one of those days. Or maybe I just need to do more give-a-ways!

Anyhow, I'm grateful for the opportunity to be introduced to so many awesome people & hope you come by to visit me often! This was so fun & I truely appreciate all your kind comments!


The Beadles said...

We thank you!! I don't think my husband does, now I have another place to spend our money. hahaha. But thanks!!