Monday, August 11, 2008

{Family Definition Winner!}

Okay, I really didn't mean to keep you all hanging there all day to find out who the winner was. I'm being a little...okay, a lot - technologically challenged with this random number generator thing! It has seriously given me such greif!! I spent another hour this morning trying to print screen it, to show you the winner - wouldn't work! So I gave up & got majorly side tracked getting ready for my parents coming into town tonight. In fact, they should be here any minute, so I'm just gonna hurry & let you know who won & deal with all that number generator thing later - maybe I'm bitin' off more than I can chew with that darn thing! Anyway, does that sound good? (K, that was probably a little TMI, sorry)

So the winner of the fabulous "Family Definition" is.....**drumrollllllllll** comment #12!!! Yea! Congratulations "the beadles"!! You're the proud new owner of studio jk vinyl's family definition!

(And, scout's honor that was the number I got from the random # generator this morning)

Be sure to check back Friday for another great give-a-way, from studio jk!


The Beadles said...

So, I'm reading along just thinking "Oh cool, I wonder who won. She must have a really cool blog that I'm going to HAVE to check out (that's what I do)." scroll down, keep reading, read the name, didn't click in my head who in the world it was. When I was done reading the post, I stop and think...wait..who won again? OH!! IT'S ME!!! yay.

*Katie said...

Oh lucky beadles! I'll be back on Friday!

Hamblin said...

Lucky! Isn't everything she has amazing!

The Beadles said...

I got it today!! Thank you so much! You have some very amazing creations.