Monday, October 27, 2008

{chalkboard vinyl winner!}

You guys are all too funny! I loved learning I'm not the only one with a quirky "must have" everyday! Thanks so much for sharing!

Okay...the random # generator chose lucky #....20! Congratulations Kristin! Good thing the comment didn't work from before, because you are now the winner! That studio jk vinyl chalkboard is ALL yours! {and just so ya'll know...i didn't count double comments as entries, so don't worry about some getting double the chance ;) - I'm all about makin' it fair!} Kristin, e-mail me your address so I can get your prize sent off to you -

And the rest of you have a great week, & I'll talk to you again on Friday! Hugs!


Kristin said...

sweet! i am so glad the computer gods smiled on me and didn't post the comment the first time! i'll email you right now. :D thanks so much!