Tuesday, November 4, 2008

{vinylicious - playful family birds winner}

Went & voted this morning...how 'bout you? I was thinking what an amazing process voting is as a stood there for an HOUR & A HALF! I had just a 'little' time to reflect on things...well inbetween the races down the hallway with the little boy behind us anyway {not me, my 3 year old - that'd be funny if it was me though, lol :) }. Anyway I was thinking how many other voter locations there were all over the SL valley, then Utah, and over the entire U.S. for that matter - that people were coming to today. And that all that data would be processed & we will get results TODAY! That's amazing to me.

Anyway, just one of my random thoughts.

SO - you're here to find out the winner of those cute birds huh? Okay...I have to be honest with you...I kinda had a hard time getting a winner this time. Why? well, because I use my little random number generator {RNG} thing & the first 6 winners didn't have the studio jk vinyl button up on their blog....doaht! Sorry ladies. At this point I was really tempted to just give them to Blair, because she had so many supporters pullin' for her. But I had to be honest about it & stick to the studio jk vinyl "policy" of using the RNG. So I tried again & finally did find get a winner on try #7 - lucky number 40! Nice job em! You're the winner of the playful family birds from studio jk vinyl. Email me with your address & color choice... jamiekbee@hotmail.com.

Thank you all for coming back or just finding me! I still have new designs to give away, so come back this weekend to enter! {oh & sorry for the late post}

Happy Voting everyone!


Em said...

WA-HOO!!!!! I know just what to do with these....hint hint =)

Blair said...

No better person could have won them :) Em is a complete doll-face!

PreppyPeshke said...

Where is the button to put on our blog? I don't see anything.

PreppyPeshke said...

Oops - Found it. Blogger is formatting all funny for me today! Thanks!