Monday, April 14, 2008

{I'm feelin' the LOVE!}

Lately I've been racking my little brain for online marketing ideas for my etsy shop.

So the other day I went to etsy's forum to find out what other etsy-ians do & I found a few ideas. One of which was a website called "Smidge" that is dedicated to "news, reviews & handmade community". So I emailed the girl about donating some of my product to a giveaway contest they have each month in exchange for a link to my shop on their page. And guess what!? She not only wanted me to participate in the giveaway, but she wanted to write a feature article about my shop on the front page of their site! WA-HOOO! So check it out when you have a's pretty exciting!
(sorry the link thing isn't working for me).

Then, I was doing my usual blog surfing for the day & went to "my favorite things'" blog & there is the nicest entry about my vinyl there with a link to my shop!

And, if you go to Aim's blog, she just got done organizing her pantry - which she did a VERY nice job of! But she also spoke of my organizing & labels there & put a link to my shop there too!

And if you go to Leesh's blog there is a link on the side to my vinyl shop along with the flowers & things we did for her house!

So lately I am overwhelmed with the love! Thank you all for supporting me!


thespear4 said...

Jame that article is awesome. It's so nice to have someone write such great things about something you work so hard on. Little by little you are getting your name out there. I am so excited for you.

my favorite things! boutique said...

That is seriously the nicest blog I have ever seen. What a nice sister-in-law you have. She must really think a lot of you.

Simply Tickled Pink & Blue said...

Let's all be honest here, I think you are supporting us and our addiction to vinyl. Not to mention that you are adding to our addiction by constantly creating unbelievably awesome stuff. Thanks for the thanks, and thanks to you!