Friday, April 25, 2008

{RME - Revolution Money Exchange}

Buy Now using Revolution Money Exchange

Revolution Money Exchange is a new payment processing service similar to PayPal. As the service is new, they are busily trying to attract users. Anyone who signs up for an RME account by May 15th will receive a $25 credit that can be used with any vendor who accepts RME payments. I am now accepting RME in my Etsy shop, so get yourself set up today to recieve $25 to shop with anyone on Etsy that now accepts RME. I have a list of those who currently accept, but it's rather long. So if you'd like access to it, leave a comment here & I'll email it to you!


michelle p said...

hi I just signed up...thanks for that...could you email me the list? thanks Michelle

busymama said...

okay so I saw your labels at oh sweet sadie and LOVED them, I tried to contact you from your etsy site but it didn't work for some reason. I am wondering if you could do some labels for jewlrey(children's dress up stuff),clothing labels that would work for dolls and barbies. How about barbie furniture/doll house furniture/houses and lastly puppets! I realize that this is a long wish list, but I love your stuff and would love to have it throughout my home. Thanks for the consideration, Brandi

busymama said...

sorry to post again, but I read down a few posts (is all this worth it?). An idea that you may have already tried or considered, but many people do is having people link your site(blogspot or etsy site) to their blogs and/or write up a little spot on their blog in exchange for a contest or a free label, ect. A friend of mine is currently doing it for her new website and has received a lot of support. Good luck, I think your labels are fabulous!

thespear4 said...

Ok, your back from Disneyland now, Where's the pictures? I am tired of looking at this post. LOL, Mandy

BTW: Madee say Hi