Sunday, May 18, 2008


Okay, so I have to admit that I'm a total perfectionist. As a result of this self-defeating personality trait I gain another self-defeating personality trait of being a procrastinator. In other words...because I have to have things perfect, I don't do them 'til I can do them perfectly. (k, that short little paragraph has taken me years to learn about myself!)

Having said that - every now and again I try to improve myself by reflecting on what I can do better...or should I say worse at? I try to be less of a perfectionist. Basically, because I'm a perfectionist with things, I overwhelm myself in certian areas of my life. So I have to sit down & say to myself ...."what can you let slide for now Jamie?" so I can do enough to get SOMETHING done! (Now understand that by saying I'm a perfectionist does not by any means mean I am saying I'm perfect. Very big difference there.)

Anyway, I've been stuck in one of those overwhelming moments lately with my blog! As you can see I haven't done a post for ughm...22 days now. But I assure you I have been doing quite a bit of "blog-hopping" (which has helped me procrastinate blogging on my own - see how that works?) So much in fact I had to take 2 hours the other day to organize "my favorites". Ironically, I feel like my blog is crap, so I look at other peoples blogs wishing I could be as interesting or creative as they are, instead of improving my own (see how self-defeating my personality can be sometimes)!

K, so in all my procrastinating I have come across some interesting things about blogging I thought I would share. (Okay, really I just want to get them down somewhere, so I can refer to them again for when I'm feeling overwhelmed, so you all get to learn with me.)

My favorites were...

- Attempt to put limits on your time.

- Do not write for comments. Write for yourself.

- If you have the push to publish it fuels your creativity and inspires you to consider the merits of your actions and experiences each day. Your eyes are open, searching for lessons, beauty and inspiration to document and share.

- Write everyday! Make lists of things you love, things you're grateful for, things you wonder when you're stuck.

- Have blog topics/content be intentionally chosen, not just a hodge-podge or regurgitation of your life, including meals, family, work, vacations, reading lists, and on and on and on and on...

- Find new blogs that might be interesting by following the profiles of those who commentate on others -- but only do a few a day.

Welp, that's about it! Hopefully this will help my imperfections with perfectionsim!<


thespear4 said...

I must say I am so glad to see you return to your blog. I was about to loss hope. I like your list of things you like about bloggging. You always seem to find some way or another to organize something.(even if it is blogging) I totally share your procrasting habits, I didn't get my sharing time done until 1:oo last night. So let me know when you find a way to fix that bad habit. LOL

cheers for chocolate said...

Nice Jame...where are the pix of my wonderful grandkids and how about a few shots of your basement so I can see how it is progressing?