Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{what I've been up to...}

I got a little "nudge" today wondering where I've been. So here's a quick update...

I have been a busy little designing bee! Here are 8 new designs recently added to the exclusive studio jk vinyl collection.

I also have about 6 more that are about to be launched and about 30 more in my head....I wish I had time for! Slow & steady though...slow and steady.

I also designed some new business cards - that was fun! I wish you could see/feel them (I'm having problems with uploading the image). They're glossy & slick & the corners are rounded & well, they're just nice. I'm liking how the branding of studio jk vinyl is turning out.
And I've also been very busy getting a new website up. Yup - studio jk vinyl will not just be sold on etsy & artfire anymore. I will have my very own place in that's just mine. It's very gratifying to do things on your own. Don't 'cha think? I mean, I LOVE etsy & I LOVE artfire, but there's just something deep within me that feels a sense of pride when I do something all by myself. Well okay, not TOTALLY by myself...I mean, my hubby has been helping a lot....okay, okay he's doing it all. Gosh. But still...he's on my team, that counts right? :) Anyway, in a way I think it relates to being self-reliant. And it just makes me happy! The website is not completely ready for you to check out yet....but it's getting there. I'll leave you a note when you can visit it - & there'll probably be IDK, some grand opening sale or something. So stay posted.
Have a great day! Nice chattin' with ya!