Thursday, August 27, 2009

{seriously good giveaway}

Have I told you how much I LOVE giveaway today? They seriously give something away everyday! And today - it's studio jk vinyl! Yea! So head over, enter yourself (up to 4 entries) & tell all your friends about this awesome site (so they can enter too)! I mean they give seriously good stuff away - dvd's, clothes, bed&breakfast stays, hair accessories, jewlery & tons more!

The sjk giveaway is for today only!! Go to ... to enter! And share the love, my freinds (tweet, facebook & blog your little hearts out) - it will bring good karma back to you! ;)

Thanks & have a good day!
jamie kay


Mimi Lee said...

Hi! I saw your cute Christmas countdown ona pizza tin over at sisters stuff! I was wondering where you are located ( I am in Utah) and how much you charge for the vinyl.

I have a small vinyl machine, but not big enough to do the pizza tin!

Thanks Jamie
Such a great site, you hae amazing ideas!

YOu can email me or leave me a comment at

Thanks so much

Holistic LDS Living Team said...

I am the lady that called you today about vinyls for my nieces and nephews. Wanna throw me an email